Women leadership and their qualities

A simple definition of leadership is to motivate a group of peoples to achieve common goals. In simple words, leadership is the capacity to translate the imagination into reality. A person’s leadership should depend on individual strengths and personality traits. However, in many cases, women aren’t encouraged to take on leadership roles as compared to men but still, they function as role models who can be respected and admired by employees within the organization. They inspire their followers by setting a good example. As John Quincy Adams once said,

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, become more, you are a leader.”

Businesswomen Leaders

Women are expanding their roles in business. Unlike earlier days, women nowadays are almost in every sector and most importantly doing very well. Women have faced all challenges like discrimination towards their gender. As some people say women don’t have the ability to take their employees to the next level because they can’t face daily challenges because being differentiated as being a woman is an obvious most big challenge. But regardless of all these challenges businesswomen have successfully established themselves in a respectable position, having decision-making capabilities and creative thinking help them to become good businesswomen leaders. Here are a few reasons which make women great business leaders.

They’re strong communicators

Communication is one of the strongest skill of women which make them able to communicate boldly, clearly and openly, whether communicating to Co-workers, employees or partners, businesswomen leaders give each one of them an opportunity to express their ideas and help them to reach the organizational goals and create an environment where honesty in all parts of communication are encouraged.


Women are more persuasive

Persuasion is a very important aspect which is sometimes missed. When it comes to persuasion women are likely to be more persuasive than men, talking at marketing level women can be beneficial in physical marketing. With their reasoning skills, they can sell anything in the world.

They focus on Teamwork

The women work with compassion and integrity as they serve others and have the capacity to be served by others. Women have always taken bold decisions as a leader and have the ability to quickly respond and take right decisions on different tasks and problems at a time which is also a sign of a great leader. Successful business women leaders celebrate their success with their team members and they understand respect can be earned through compassion, empathy, and kindness

Women are Task focused

Women leaders are task-focused, they always give 100% to whatever task they face. From completing simple daily tasks to annual turnover they are always up to it. They always try to complete their task before the deadline ends.

Women leader are collaborative

Women leader are always collaborative, keeping the gender discrimination behind women try to be cooperative and productive. They collaborate with the team and lead from the front. They know their job and promote collaboration among their colleagues with their effective communicative and persuasive skills.

Transformable personality

Women leaders are more flexible in transforming their personalities if we compare them with men. They function as role models for their colleagues and lower staff. They care about themselves along with caring for others. They emphasize teamwork and cooperation as a key to success.


Women have been great leaders because the discrimination that has prevailed for centuries, has stimulated women to take an extra push. That’s why the women who emerge on top are extraordinarily strong and capable. They often balance their careers, because they have to face both, the household activities and their business. They are empathetic and flexible which helps them in their activities. They dream big and know how to translate big ideas into reality. Businesswomen leaders have the capacity to think and operate in different directions at the same time. From increasing productivity to enhancing collaboration, the benefits of having women can make positive changes to the workplace.

-Muzzamil Khawaja, Student of MBA at Paf-Kiet

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