Why firms need marketing?

Why do Firms need to focus upon Marketing?

What does marketing accomplish? What is its role? What is marketing exactly? How to engage customers? These all questions will lead us to the answer of our query i.e Why firms need marketing?

Marketing Role

Marketing is the process of planning and all about selling products by spreading the awareness of products into the public.

Marketing Concepts

There are many concepts of marketing which help firm to glow and grow just like

  • Production concept
  • Product concept
  • Selling concept
  • Societal Marketing concept

These all concepts help a firm to build strong basic and practical steps in the professional field from making production to selling concepts each and every step help every existing firm to make strong attachment of customers with organization.

Strategic marketing for firms

In a firm strategic marketing plays an important role, it’s all about giving the best service and products to customers and how to improve services to make customer satisfaction as satisfaction is the main role of strategic marketing.

Such as:

  • where to compete;
  • How to compete;
  • When to compete;

Internet marketing for firms

Internet marketing is one of the latest and productive ways to address the public as things can get viral in a blink of an eye. Firms nowadays are using this platform because comparing to pamphlets and other kinds of Ads, this platform is much productive and easier to use. With everyone having a social presence it is also easier to interact with your customers and understand their needs. Internet marketing has been a great pillar to the building of every marketing strategy.

social marketing
social marketing related to digital marketing

The other benefit of internet marketing is that we can advertise in any part of the world by sitting at home, as the traffic generated by pamphlets and Ads is bounded to certain areas. Positive impacts like the following can also be achieved.

  • Peoples can get aware of Products and services.
  • Chances are to become trending /viral.
  • Huge Mass purchasing when products or services get viral.

Taglines for firms

One of the best ways to reach into the public is through taglines because the tagline is all about being famous as soon as possible. With everyone being so busy nowadays, People have got no time for anything. So, it all depends on firms, how they come up with unique short meaningful taglines related to their products.

Marketing is all about to whom you want to address.

  • As there are different genders.
  • There are different status-based peoples.
  • Different age peoples
  • Different religions-based peoples.

Marketing positive results

Marketing helps a firm to identify the customer, satisfy the customer and retain the customer. Identifying the customer is one of the best ways to understand the customer’s wants and needs and it helps to identify whom to target for business purposes. Just like that satisfaction of the customer is also the main and important part of business, because maintain the existing and old customers and attracting and inspiring new customers is all about marketing and without this every existing firm is meaningless. A firm should always come up and focus on an interesting way to interact with a customer and give customers reason to come back, this is all about How to retain Customers.

digital marketing
Digital marketing

Customer needs

Customer needs are very important if you want to prepare your firm for a long race. Of course, it always starts and ends with customer needs. Any organization\firm can’t get success without getting into touch with a customer, A firm should focus on the needs of the customer as Marketing is one of the best ways to get information through the feedback of customers while what customers want? How to interact with customers and understand the customer through marketing tools like social sites, YouTube comment boxes, and other feedback options available to get in touch with a customer, and it could help a firm to know whats their customer’s response.

Customer wants

The first priority of customers should be to the target population, while we can’t sell a child’s cloth to an elder and just like that, we can’t sell women clothes to men. The first thing is that a firm should understand what a customer wants? Providing them the same thing they want will make a customer happy and satisfy, as marketing is all about making a customer happy and satisfied.

Research Marketing for firms

Analyzing the place and public, searching the valid points and finding the threats, weakness, opportunities, and strength that lies in a market are some research strategies that a firm should follow. Because SWOT is one of the best ways to implement anything accordingly to a business. whether it is to promote products or to launch a new business.

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Digital marketing for firms

One of the main and important parts of marketing is to connect with customers through digital devices. Firms use this technique to reach the maximum number of customers. People to people communication and getting awareness through digital marketing is one and major part of the business. With people growing digitally nowadays digital marketing has shown its importance. Just like banks use to do while updating customers about their bank records, wishing them good lucks through messages for better relations, as well as other organizations also use to spend a lot of time and invest in this marketing tool.


All the way we have seen whether it is digital marketing, customer’s wants, needs, or feedback, everything in business depends on marketing. Marketing has been a key factor in the success of a firm. Just be like without speakers a phone cannot ring, just like that without Marketing a Firm cannot run.

-Muzzamil Khawaja, Student of MBA at Paf-Kiet

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