What to do if COVID-19 symptoms appear?

2020 has been a perilous journey so far, from a bushfire in Australia to drone fire between the US and Iran, from the downfall of stock to defied Kashmir curfew clock, from the death of Kobe to death from COVID, every month has been hazardous. From all the events, COVID-19 has been the most notorious one, owing to the reason that it has grabbed the whole world under its ‘tornado’. It has hit the world so hard that the streets of las vegas, the rivers of Rome, everyplace which use to be so packed have worn silence now, as if these were never inhabited. The whole world is ‘hibernating’ for a while but the only thing which is awake is COVID-19.

On the other hand, talking about the facts the death ratio of COVID-19 is 2-4% which is quite low in comparison with other viruses. So technically speaking the virus is not deadly by itself but the fear and chaos it brings have been lethal. Although it’s obvious to point that the fear and chaos is not brought by the virus itself but it’s our exaggeration that has given room to it.

COVID-19 symptoms;

Now let’s dig into the question of what to do when we feel the symptoms of corona?

The first question here is what are the symptoms?

According to WHO

Common symptoms include:

  • fever
  • tiredness
  • dry cough.

Other symptoms include:

  • shortness of breath (in severe cases)
  • aches and pains
  • sore throat
  • diarrhea, nausea or a runny nose

    COVID-19 symptoms


The deaths reported by COVID-19 are mainly seen in the following suspects :

  • Those over age 65
  • Children under the age of two 
  • People with underlying health conditions like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure or a weakened immune system

What to do if COVID-19 symptoms appear?

If you are observing the symptoms of corona within yourself then its probably time to self-isolate and if possible contact family doctor for assistance. According to CDC people with symptoms who are living alone should self-isolate in a room for 7 days but if suspects are living with their family then 14 days isolation is advised for them. So until now, the only vaccine available is ‘self-isolation’. Catch it, bin it, kill it.

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When to go for the corona test?

It is suggested by the government to only go for the corona test when the symptoms either become very severe like breathlessness or there is no improvement in symptoms even after the isolation. Owing to the selective test kits availability it would be suggested to go for test only in the above conditions. However, it is also obvious that the probability of getting the virus increases when you step out of your home, even if you are going for a virus test.

Note: If you have a recent travel history of China or any country with an outbreak of the virus, It is mandatory for you to contact the numbers given below. I have personally tried them and they are very helpful.

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Self-isolating at home:

Following are the steps which should be taken whilst self-isolating;

symptoms can vanish if we self-isolate
Virus stays away if you take precautions
  •  A room with an attached washroom should be allocated to the suspect.
  •  1 caretaker should be allocated to the suspect.
  •  A disinfectant should be sprayed at least 3 times (in the room)
  •  hand gloves, masks, and gowns should be worn by both, caretaker and suspect.
  •  It’s suggested for the suspect to take a bath with hot water.
  •  Take symptomatic treatment under doctors’ prescriptions.

If the symptoms do not disappear, go to your nearest corona facilitation center for your corona test, Lumhs hospital in case of Hyderabad division. That’s all about “What to do if COVID-19 symptoms appear”.

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Note: The FDA is currently advising people to be cautious of websites and stores selling products that claim to prevent or treat COVID-19.

.                -Mansoor Shaikh

Note: In case of finding any corona suspect or any query regarding corona, contact helpline for corona:

SINDH: 021-99206565, 99204452

FEDERAL: 051-1166

PUNJAB: 0800-99000

KP: 091-1700

BALOCHISTAN: 0081-9241133

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