Top 10 TikTokers of Pakistan 2020 updated list

TikTok since 2018 has gained some enormous popularity over the globe, reaching a milestone of 1 billion downloads across the world. Every day millions of views come across this platform and the credit goes to the TikTokers community, who have always come up with creative ideas. Making a TikTok video is not a piece of cake, syncing lips with the background music, giving expressions related to the requirement, and carrying camera confidence, a 15s TikTok clip undoubtedly requires some skills to work upon. With the world moving towards this platform, Pakistan has also stepped into the pool and has provided some gems to the TikTok industry. Let’s enlist some top Pakistani Tiktok stars, their rankings, and unleash who they are.


1-Jannat Mirza-@jannatmirza

Best tiktokers of Pakistan
Jannat Mirza

If you are a Pakistani and have some interest in TikTok, you must have heard her name, if not so you would have probably seen one of her viral clips. She is a Famous and top-rated TikToker of Pakistan. This Barbie girl belongs to Faislabad and has been a student of arts. She has posted only a few hundred videos on TikTok and is already making the headlines. Besides TikTok, she is also passionate about swimming.

Recently she achieved a milestone of completing 10 M followers on TikTok. Unlucky for her, PTA banned TikTok the next day. The reason behind the ban is the vulgar content being posted on the app. 


TikTok followers: 10 M

TikTok likes: 120 M

Instagram followers: 1 M

2-Zulqarnain Sikander-@ch.zulqarnain25

Best tiktokers of Pakistan
Zulqarnain Sikander

Zulqarnain Sikander is a 22-year-old handsome lad. He is a popular figure on Tiktok because of his funny TikTok clips. His humorous acting talent and lip-syncing TikTok videos have gained him millions of followers all over Asia. He started TikTok in 2018 and within no time gained huge following making him the 2nd best TikToker of Pakistan. Owing to his amiable behaviour Zulqarnain is mostly seen collaborating with other TikTok stars, his duo with Kanwal Aftab(Also a Top TikToker of Pakistan) is highly appreciated. If you want to flee away from your depression watch his videos and I bet you will end ROFL!


TikTok followers: 6.2 M

TikTok likes: 330 M

Instagram followers: 400 K

Youtube Subscribers: 200k

3-Kanwal Aftab-@kanwal.135

Best tiktokers of Pakistan
Kanwal Aftab

Kanwal Aftab is a Lahori girl who can flatter you with her awe-inspiring expressions, She is a growing TikTok Pakistani actress. Till now she has posted 1000+ videos and has gained huge popularity. Besides this, this starlet is also affiliated with media. Along with media and TikTok this multi-talented girl has some great command over blogging as well.


TikTok followers: 6.1 M

TikTok likes: 128 M

Instagram followers: 550 K

Youtube subscribers: 194 K

4-Malik Usman-@usmanasim66

Best tiktokers of Pakistan
Malik Usman

Usman Malik is 4th on the list of top TikTokers of Pakistan, he has shattered the biased negativity of people who say “TikTok is an app for youngsters”. With humongous popularity over TikTok Malik Usman has made up to this list. He goes by the hashtag of #famousmolvi. Besides his funny TikTok clips, he also posts Islamic verses which surely will freshen your love for Islam! If you haven’t followed this multi-talented lad then follow him Asap! Beside TikTok, He has recently has also moved to youtube.


TikTok followers: 6 M

TikTok likes: 200 M

Instagram followers: 71 K

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5-Areeka Haq-@areeka__haq

Best tiktokers of Pakistan
Areeka Haq

Areeka Haq is the youngest TikToker of Pakistan to gain 4 million followers. She hails from the city of light, Karachi. This young fiery girl can sway you with her endearing looks. You can imagine her humongous popularity by the fact that She has only posted 100 posts on her Instagram and is already hit 1 M, beating her other competitors.

P.S: If you haven’t stalked her Instagram yet, check it now. She looks flawless whenever she wears black.



TikTok followers: 5.3 M

TikTok likes: 132 M

Instagram followers: 1 M

Youtube Subscribers: 88 K


6-Alishba Anjum-@alishbahanjum

Best tiktokers of Pakistan
Alishba Anjum

Alishba Anjum is another TikTok Pakistani girl who hails from Faisalabad. Most people don’t know the fact that she is the sister of Jannat Mirza the top TikToker of Pakistan, no wonder they both look alike. She shares a popular duo with her friend Affan Malik, which is widely appreciated. She also carries a badge of the TikTok verified account, which is rare these days.


TikTok followers: 5.2 M

TikTok likes: 94 M

Instagram followers: 578 K

Youtube subscribers: 65 K


7-Sehar Hayat-@sehar_hayyat

Best tiktokers of Pakistan
Sehar Hayat

Sehar Hayat is a drop-dead gorgeous TikTok Pakistani actress. Sehar Hayat has made the headlines with her duo partner Ali Fayaz who is also on the list of top TikToker of Pakistan (mentioned later in this post), the duo is widely loved and aspired by the TikTok audience. Besides TikTok Sahar Hayat also loves traveling. She has also started youtube channel of hers.



TikTok followers: 5 M

TikTok likes: 122 M

Instagram followers: 544 K


8-Dolly Fashion-@dollyfashionicon

Best tiktokers of Pakistan

Nausheen Syed is an awe-aspiring media star from Lahore, she goes by her stage name dolly fashion, which is also her username. Dolly has got some great experience in designing and makeup. Besides her busy acting schedules, this TikTok Pakistani actress also runs a company called Leo productions, which provides media solutions to their clients.



TikTok followers: 4.6 M

TikTok likes: 105 M

Instagram followers: 160 K

Youtube subscribers: 346 K


9-Mehak Malik-@mehakmalikofficial578

Best tiktokers of Pakistan
Mehak Malik

Mehak Malik is a TikTok Pakistani girl who hails from Muzaffargarh. Malik is a dancer by profession. She got viral when someone posted the video of dancing Malik at an event. Mehak Malik is famous and is known as “Pakistani Sapna Chaudry” for her skillful command over dancing.


TikTok followers: 4.4 M

TikTok likes: 78 M

Instagram followers: 47 K



Best tiktokers of Pakistan
Toqeer Abbas

Toqeer abbas stand on no 10 on the list of top TikTokers of Pakistan. He is a professional farmer from Mandi Bahauddin. Just like Malik Usman, Toqeer has slammed the irrational mindset of people who think only luxurious cars and expensive dresses can make you famous. This 28 years old underrated lad is known for his homogeneousness and simplicity. He mostly posts daily life-related videos which are a treat to watch.


TikTok followers: 4.3 M

TikTok likes: 136 M

Instagram followers: 123 K


11-Ali Fayaz-@aalleey

Best tiktokers of Pakistan
Ali Fayaz

Ali Fayaz is a law student who hails from Lahore. He is known for his perfect height and ravishing looks. He and Sahar Hayat make a perfect combo when they collaborate with each other. Besides his humorous videos, he also posts some eye-opening videos which engrave a lesson for everyone.

Don’t forget to follow him


TikTok followers: 3.8 M

TikTok likes: 129 M

Instagram followers: 308 K



12-Pinky Francis-@pinkyfrancis

Best tiktokers of Pakistan
Pinky Francis

Pinky Francis is Dubai settled Pakistani born TikToker. Most people are unaware of her real name which is Kashaf. She is mostly known for her Punjabi tadka which makes people follow her instantly. She has gained huge popularity with her choreographed lips syncs and vignettes. Likewise, She is also widely loved in India and has also collaborated with Indian TikTok stars like Arsh and Manjul.


TikTok followers: 2.9 M

Tiktok likes: 41 M

Instagram followers: 332 K

Other famous Tiktokers of Pakistan like @shameelzahid, @mian_sunny, @romaisa.khan._ , @mujtabaalakhani123 are also worth mentioning. If you are new to TikTok do follow these famous TikTokers.

Note: The list of Top TikTokers is based on the number of Tiktok followers and the likes they received. The list is totally unbiased and we don’t support any favoritism.

Does TikTok pay to TikTokers?

The question one might think of is “Are Tiktoker paid by TikTok for the work they put in?” Well, the answer is NO, Tiktok doesn’t pay TikTokers directly, as the advertising strategy of TikToK is still in the beta phase. Thus TikTokers hover to other platforms like Youtube or Instagram to earn some bread. 


How to contact these Top TikTok stars for marketing?

TikTok has been a great hub for digital marketing, Though TikTok digital marketing is in the beta phase the demand of TikTok stars is sky rising as many of them are magnetized to the Media industry. The best and professional way to contact a TikTok star is to email them, most TikTok stars share their email address on their official Instagram account. Marketing through TikTok stars can show a great boost to your marketing graph.

Summing up

Almighty has always blessed pure talent to Pakistan, from freelancers to media Pakistan has never turned us down. Similarly, the above TikTokers are examples of the talent which Pakistan has reaped in the last decade. Many TikTokers like Jannat MIrza and Areeka Haq have also stepped their foot in the showbiz industry, We hope these TikTokers will one day reach their desired destination and will upraise the name of Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindabad

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Written by: Mansoor Ahmed Shaikh

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