TikTok Digital Marketing and its Strategies

TikTok is a video sharing app owned by ByteDance LTD, a Chinese Information Technology Company. Owing to its easy use Tiktok is becoming everyone’s favorite. In the case of marketing, marketer always looks for a platform where they can get numerous people in a single platform and TikTok is fulfilling their needs. In 2014, Shanghai developers invented an app called Musical.ly in which a user could record clips of lip-syncing to music from 15 to 60 seconds. After the launch of the app, Musical.ly gain more than 90 million users in just 2 year which was a big milestone for the company. But in 2017, ByteDance LTD acquired Musical.ly and named it TikTok and now it has more than 800 million monthly active users across the world which has been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times, making Tiktok as one of the best app for the purpose of digital marketing.

Why marketing on TikTok?

TikTok is a great place for digital marketing with having more than 1.5 billion downloads. In TikTok, an individual can like, comment, and share content just like other social media platforms. The more you engage with content, the more the app learns about your preferences, so your feed is going to improve over time. With the growing popularity, TikTok has been generating piles of money beating its competitors by a huge margin.

Revenue of TikTok
revenue of TikTok- source: Busniessofapps.com

TikTok is a huge platform for marketing your product. According to research, an average user spends 52 minutes on the app every day. If a company engages its followers with daily posts, it can be beneficial to increase sales because keep engaging your followers is the main component in TikTok. Through daily engagement, you will be able to increase your followers on a daily basis because the TikTok algorithm works on the preference of the user. Moreover, you can sell your brand or product by posting an interesting video.

How Companies Take Advantage

Several well-known companies have already started advertising their brand by taking advantage of TikTok’s “challenge” concept by creating their own challenge which is quite interesting for the user. TikTok “challenge” is the new trend in social media platforms because in this challenge a person or organization posts a video in which they tell others to do the same thing with a hashtag #Challengeaccepted. Nowadays, this challenge is attracting too many followers because the individual  always gets a lot of attention from the user.

According to fangdigital, in 2018 TikTok users opened a feature where they directed the user to the #InMyDenim challenge that urges them to post videos with the hashtag. The #InMyDenim hashtag challenge marked the first promoted hashtag challenge on TikTok in the U.S. and the official launch of the app’s U.S brand partnerships program. Guess promoted the challenge with the support of popular TikTok content creators. Another technique of advertising your brand is to hire a TikTok influencer who has numerous followers on their TikTok account and inform them to advertise your company product. This technique could be beneficial for your products because millions of people follow their social media influencer and use the exact same product that their favorite TikToker use. (more in the marketing strategy)

Strategies to ponder upon

To market your product there are three main ways on TikTok which are covered,

  • You can create your own channel and upload relevant videos through your product
  • Individual can work with influencers, to spread product to a broader audience
  • People can directly advertise by means of TikTok Ads.

Note: It’s important to know the fact that you cannot directly imbed links in the videos which means you cannot directly attract someone to your website.

Creating your own channel for digital marketing

Yeah, creating your own channel can be beneficial, especially in the long run. Creating a channel and showcasing your relevant products can be good if you are running an eCommerce business. For example, If you are the owner of an online store that sells shoes. You can showcase your newly launched product by making a video review of your shoe. Video showing every integrity and professional work your shoe enlightens. As TikTok is more of a Video platform rather than a photo platform you can upscale your CTA by making such videos.


Hiring an influencer

Hiring an influencer is one of the most time-taking and crucial part of TikTok digital marketing. As there are millions of influencer in the race you have to pick the best guy for you. Keeping in mind the, who the influencer is? Which country does he/she belong to? what type of videos he/she posts? and of course, how many followers and heart reacts the influencer has got under his belt. For instance, if you have introduced a shoe on your store you should look for influencers. These influencers are loved by the public. This can increase the conversion rate and can make your marketing fruitful.

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Advertising with TikTok ads

Advertising can be profitable with TikTok. Tiktok is working on its advertising platform which is still in its beta phase. TikTok now hosts different campaigns like brand takeover, hashtag challenge, branded lenses, and so on. Its totally dependent on which campaign fits with your product and the budget you have in your hands. Not to forget you can now make a reservation by just going to https://ads.tiktok.com/homepage/ and filling the details mentioned below

tab of tiktok

Talking about the facts TikTok has done an experiment on advertising last year but has not yet set up any formal profit-sharing system yet. However, they are getting closer to the point where an individual can advertise their product on a platform.

Wrapping up

The strategy you are looking for is totally dependent on your product type, the budget, the audience you want to target. And also how much you expect from your marketing strategy. If you have gone through every nitty-gritty detail you can select any one or multiple strategies to get your marketing going.

                                                                                                -Mansoor Shaikh, professional blogger

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