Top 10 Places to Visit in Hyderabad, Pakistan

Hyderabad the city of winds is the 2nd largest city of Sindh and the 8th largest in the whole Pakistan. Founded in 1768 by Ghulam Shah Kalhoro Hyderabad engraves some great history. Whether its the Kalhoro dynasty or the Talpur dynasty Hyderabad gives you every reason to visit and explore it. There are tons of places to visit in Hyderabad. The city of Hoshu Sheedi and Mirza Kaleech Baig is famous for its winds, these winds compensate the hot climate during the summer. People living here are simple and earn their bread by the sweat of their brow. The inhabitants of Hyderabad might not have huge mansions but the heart they carry have a huge space for hospitality. They are very amiable people and denote the culture of Sindh in the best way possible.

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Hyderabad was founded by Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro in 1768, during the Kalhoro dynasty. In the same year, Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro ordered to make a fort on the three hills to defend the city from any attack later called Pacco Qillo (which is one of the tourist attractions). After the death of Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro, Meer Fateh Khan Talpur captured the city. During the reign on Talpurs Hyderabad flourished and gained huge respect in terms of trade. However, the reign ended when the British took the front in the battle of Hyderabad in 1843.

That’s enough for the history lecture, now let’s dig into the “Top 10 places to visit in Hyderabad”

Sindh museum

Sindh Museum

Sindh museum is the famous museum of Pakistan which is located in the center of the city. The museum was built in 1971, the main motto of which was to preserve the cultural heritage of Sindh. The museum showcases the heritage of Moen jo Daro, one of the oldest civilizations. It has also preserved items from the dynasties like that of Samo, Soomra, Kalhoro, and Talpur dynasty.

Pacco Qillo

Showing pacco qillo

Pacco Qillo is one of the historical places of Hyderabad, Pakistan. The meaning of Pacco Qilo is “strong fort”. As mentioned earlier the foundation of Pacco Qillo was set by Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro, but it was soon overtaken by the Talpur. However, the infrastructure still persists and is an example of great architecture.

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Qadm gaah

Qadm Gaah
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Coming on the toponymy of Hyderabad, the city was named in honor of Hazrat Ali R.A, the name of Hyderabad translates in Hayder meaning “Lion” and Abad is a suffix which means “populated”. Owing to the love for  Hazrat Ali R.A the shah of Iran later gifted the imprints of Hazrat Ali R.A which are now kept in Qadm Gaah. It’s important to mention that Qadm Gaah is located just beside the Pacca Qila. Qadam Gaah has been a pilgrimage point for the Shia sect of Islam, Every year thousands of people come to Qadam Gaah in the month of Moharram.

Tomb of Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro

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Tomb of Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro is the other historical place of Hyderabad, Pakistan. It is a must-visit place in Hyderabad. The tomb is the burial place of the founder of Hyderabad himself. He was recognized and bestowed upon title of Shah Wardi Khan by Ahmed Shah Durrani, the Afghan king.

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The shrine is built inside the rectangular-shaped fort. The interior of the fort is a great example of Sindhi art and culture. The arc-shaped windows are filled with terracotta grilles of geometrical patterns.

Al manzar

Al manzar is situated on the west bank of the river Indus. It is at a 20 mins drive from the main city. The point lies between Hyderabad and Jamshoro district. It is famous for its cold breeze as it just lies beside the mighty river. Coming on the location it lies along side the Kotri Barrage (discussed later). Hundreds of people come to Al manzar, especially in the monsoon season. The breathtaking view of the Indus River is a treat to watch. If you are a couple and are looking for a perfect date place in Hyderabad, Al manzar can play a great part. Tourists mostly come here to eat the famous food of Hyderabad, Pakistan called “palla fish”.

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Coming on the famous foods of Hyderabad, Hyderabad is also famous for hosting the Bombay bakery which is a 100-year-old bakery, residing in the center of Hyderabad. The bakery is famous for baking mouth-watering cakes.

Tombs of Talpur Mirs

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The tombs of Talpur Mirs is a complex which hosts large mausoleums for Talpur rulers. There are several graves that are located in the external area of the complex. The complex is literally a great architecture that holds the remains of the Talpur dynasty. The tombs are called “Miran Ja Quba” in Sindhi and are located in Hirabad, Hyderabad.

Rani Bagh

The rani bagh also known as Das Garden is a garden that hosts different kinds of fauna and flora. The garden was first founded as a botanical garden but was later turned into a zoo when different animals came in. Taking about the unknown facts of Hyderabad the garden was rechristened in honor of Queen Victoria, Rani meaning Queen. The point is divided into four parts

  • Zoo
  • Abbas Bhai park
  • Eid gaah
  • Play area
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If you are a couple and are looking for a dating place in Hyderabad, rani bagh may provide you the privilege.

Resham Gali

Resham Gali is one of the oldest bazaars of Hyderabad which is connected with shahi bazaar, the longest bazaar in Pakistan. The Gali is a long line of the road with shops on either side of the line. It is famous for ladies shopping, from colorful bangles to the bridal suits Resham Gali can provide you everything. If you are looking for cheap and quality products in Hyderabad Resham Gali is the place for you.

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Kotri Barrage-place to visit in Hyderabad

kotri barrage
places to visit in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is also famous for Kotri Barrage which is a famous barrage on the Indus river, between Jamshoro and Hyderabad. The barrage was completed in 1955 and is used to control the flow of water in the Indus river. One can also have a boat ride and can witness the beauty of the Indus river.

Sindh University

Sindh University is the place one should visit in Hyderabad. It is located in the Jamshoro district of the Hyderabad division. Sindh University is one of the oldest universities in Pakistan as it was founded just after the independence of Pakistan. It is a collegiate university that encompasses four legal colleges and 74 undergraduate and postgraduate colleges. The point of attraction is the graves of Allama I.I Kazi and his wife Miss Elsa Kazi. Allam I.I Kazi is the famous scholar of Pakistan who along with his wife laid the foundation of Sindh university.


That was the list of famous places to visit in Hyderabad. We also looked at some historical places and facts about Hyderabad. How was our article? Kindly share your reviews in the comment section below. We are also open to any suggestions which you want to put forward.

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