Lessons COVID-19 has taught us

The cases of COVID-19 are still raising and till now it seems like we all have been spectators, whilst CORONA is being the player. People who are born in the ’80s are surely watching the deadliest pandemic of their life after swine flu. The death toll is reaching to 100k and the only thing we can do is to watch this player who is playing with our lives, God knows how many goals this player wants to score. Talking about the only red card against this player is a vaccine, which unfortunately isn’t available right now.
Though COVID-19 has created chaos but if we see through our optimistic vision it has taught us so many lessons till now. Lets elaborate some.

Immune to hormones

We are living in an era where people are in love with the materialistic nature that is revolving around us, We are so much doomed in this money-oriented nature that we have mistaken the true identity of ourselves, we have forgotten the strength our relationships use to hold. This materialism has made us immune to our own hormones, like a dummy who cares about the outside world but doesn’t care about his/her own world.
This pandemic has made everyone to sit at their home and forced us to unleash our true identity. It has given us a chance to enjoy some moments with our family and to realize what real relationships actually are. 

Earth taking a sigh

One of the major lesson we learned is how much pollution mankind has created. We can’t deny the fact that it is a man who throws garbage and it is a man who picks and dumps it. Unfortunately, the quantity of former is way too high than the latter thus increasing the count of litter.

factories showing lessons covid-19 taught us
pollution caused by mankind

Owing to the lockdown the pollution has come to a halt. The fauna has returned to the rivers of Rome, the ozone layer is healing (as per the University of Colorado), in china the sky is clear as it was never before and of course who can forget the plastic pollution which has come to a halt after ages. It seems like the earth is taking a sigh.

Lesson of personal hygiene

One of the basic lesson COVID-19 taught us is personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is a underrated measure that people use to ignore but now people have started taken preventive measures against COVID-19. As personal hygiene has been a topic of debate, Its time now where people have realized how much personal hygiene can affect us and people who are around us. 

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Never underestimate your enemy

Whether it’s a superpower country or an undeveloped country, almost every country has faced this disaster. From an increase in death ratio to decrease in the stocks, every country who has faced this virus are having hands on their heads. People who never took corona for granted are either on hospital beds or are sleeping in their coffins. This depicts the fact that what disaster this tiny creature can bring.

mask showing COVID-19
prevention of COVID-19

Every war cannot be fought by weapons

We people were so busy piling up our war equipment, that we forgot the fact that all wars are not played by weapons, we have grown in an era where human is afraid of human, so much afraid that we never thought what consequences an infectious agent can bring. Condolences!   

However, we all know humans have faced and tackled these types of viruses since from the accouchement of mankind. The time has come where everyone has to take part in this war, not by going on the battlefield but by staying at home.

That’s all about lessons from COVID-19.

Stay home, stay safe.

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                                                                                                                -Written by Mansoor Shaikh

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