Internet of Things

In a broader sense IoT (Internet Of Things) is a technology that enables the connectivity of our devices with the internet and the communication between these devices without human interaction. It enables devices to receive, send and transmit data over a network without human to computer interaction.


The meaning of the Internet of things has advanced because of the assembly of various advances, constant examinations, AI, product sensors and inserted systems. Traditional fields of implanted frameworks, remote sensor systems, control frameworks, computerization (counting home and building mechanization), and others all add to empowering the Internet of things. In the shopper advertise, IoT innovation is generally synonymous with items relating to the idea of the “keen home”, covering gadgets and machines, (for example, lighting apparatuses, indoor regulators, home security frameworks and cameras, and other home apparatuses) that help at least one regular biological systems, and can be controlled by means of gadgets related with that environment, for example, cell phones and brilliant speakers.


Now point that comes in mind is why devices need connectivity with the internet, first of all, it when a  consumer goes for buying such devices it creates an impact on consumers mind. Other main thing sensors that are built-in will increase the efficiency of these devices. And, on the other hand, it saves time and money.


 Why IoT is so important

With everything going smart nowadays, IoT has grabbed some massive attention. If any device is connected to an internet network, it can receive or send any information from that respective connection.

Let’s take a daily life example, you are working on some projects of your and want infographics to give your project a professional look, you ask your friend to send some infographics, and he sends you the related graphs. Now talking about the infographics your friends phone didn’t have all the infographics of the world, but he took some infographics that were hosted by some outside server. That’s how IoT works. Just imagine how many times you go on search engines and listen to your favorite song? That’s how much IoT is important in our daily lives.

Real-World Applications:


Research saying nowadays people giving priority to these devices more than ever and almost 12 billion such devices are made and people buying it in the form of home appliances, industrial manifestations, and agricultural equipment are also been converted into such daring machines. Some of the greatest projects where IoT showed his colors are:



Smart Home

Smart Home is a place whose internal is wholly fixed with devices that are products of IoT, that may include lighting appliances, air conditioners, digital locks, and other personal tools such as hair dryers, etc. Now the purpose of using these devices in the home is to enable automation means automatically running of these devices. For instance you are going on outside and you forget to switch off lights inside the room, so it consumes your electricity and you are out of reach to home to shut these lights, so with these IoT tools you can switch off lights while residing outside your home easily. Lighting may switch off automatically in the morning and turn open while in night time.

Air conditioners and heaters may operate automatically with a change in temperature.

The upcoming decade will be full of these devices.

Internet of Things


Smart Medicine

Bruce E. Johnson, President of ASCO (the American Society of Clinical Oncology), says smart technology is helping patients as well as care providers with more reliability (

Diabetes is an overgrowing disorder and every diabetic patient is keen to balance its glucose intake, so It makes it easier and will soon launch devices that will automatically alert them glucose intake if that device is fixed within our wrist or smartphone.

Another improvising device known as Smart insulin pen that can help diabetic patients to calculate their insulin dose.

Asthma another most vulnerable disease that is totally allergic, symptoms vary from patient to patient, and causes also vary so IoT (Internet of Things)  is going to produce such sensible devices that will report you about things that cause asthmatic attacks. It will signal about things that cause an allergy that results in asthma.


The apple watch app product of IoT (Internet of Things) which shows depression level.


Bluetooth-enabled coagulation system which enables us to check patients rate of blood clot.


Smart Agriculture

Many smart variants are used in agriculture that ensures farmers raise livestock and growth of crops. Some include Automatic climate monitoring, Greenhouse automation, etc.  If these devices are fully installed in agricultural countries they will surely its country wealth too.


Some Risks

These devices use a huge amount of data and its mandatory to secure it from cyber-crimes. If people are not able to use it securely it may cause trouble to them. Scientists are not sure whether these are long-lasting or not. Their maintenance is also an issue.  Cost will also matter in the future. If error occurs in these devices that will also cause serious issues.

Demerits of IoT

With so much development in the field, the complexity of the system are also increasing. Thus increasing the opportunities to fail. There is also an increased risk of losing the data, just because of some bugs. That doesn’t end here our privacy and security are also at stake. For instance a hacker hacks the system and changes our doctor’s prescription, this can surely lead to havoc. Thus with such developments the complexity and compatibility decrease with an increase in hacking scenarios.



Today these technologies are dominating everything around the globe and IoT is also a life-changing asset of this technology era. What smartphone has done to life,  this IoT will also play like that. Concerns will raise but it will make things happen if you use it in a positive manner. From house alliances to industries or to farming these devices will play a vital contribution.

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