Indian Media accuses Pakistan for sending Terrorist Locusts to India

“Nation wants to know anchor” Arnab Ranjan Goswami is an Indian journalist and television news anchor, who is the editor and majority owner of the news channel Republic TV in India, Republic TV has the 2nd highest TRP of all news channels. He is also president of the  News Broadcasting Association’s governing board. He is known for his outspoken attitude. Recently Arnab Goswami blamed Pakistan for sending terrorist locusts to India. Indian channels have said that Pakistan have deployed a fleet of well-trained locusts and has bombarded aerial attack on major cities of India. They have blamed Pakistan for plotting evil plans, So that Pakistan can successfully help Indian GDP to fall down.

This is not the first time that Indian media have come up with Anti-Pakistan agenda, On Monday Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) claimed that they have captured another “Pakistani Spy Pigeon” and handed over to police in Indian occupied Kashmir. The pegion with a prominent pink patch and a tag on its leg was lodged at the police station as a Suspected Pakistani spy, said NDTV.

After this report, Indian media made huge drama and get this news spicier by mixing hilarious statements in it. The bitter truth is, all these news are baseless and doesn’t contain a single element of truth.

On the other hand,  Goswami is also trolled on social media for forwarding such groundless news.  Indian people commented and posted on social media that, ‘Definitely… Arnab Goswami is a big bucket of BJP for broadcasting fake News.” that’s the reason the top educators clearly advise their students not to watch Indian news channels like Aaj Tak, Republic tv etc, if they are preparing for civil service exams.

Gulf News stance over Indian Media

Even Pretty strongly-worded Editorial in Gulf News, asked for a ban on Indian news channels; spreading hate against Muslims. BIG: Gulf News editorial said it plainly- “Indian Media is the Culprit” Calls on authorities to take action against “Republic TV, Zee News, India TV, Aaj Tak, ABP and Times Now.” and Editorial Board also asked to Stop Indian media from exporting hate to gulf.

People of India mostly love entertainment, But a sensible media coverage is what India needs right now. Creating a hype of small issues only to divert the attention from major issues has become a trend in India, this needs to change. A healthy debate and not foolish fights over any issue is required. Because, News channels are all about creating awareness among masses, Not for airing groundless allegations. This is 21st century, Indian media can’t convert the newsrooms to Comedy shows.


A wakeup call for Indian Media

Indian journalists are becoming famous for baseless shouting and false allegations. Their minds can only think of allegations and plan of attacking, they never think about solution or share solutions by using their platform. Even India’s top actresses Sridevi’s death has brought out the worst in Indian media, crossing the line between journalism and exploitation. On Aaj Tak, the headlines screamed ‘Maut ka bathtub

India currently has a lot of issues to deal with like COVID-19, Locust attack, border dispute at ladakh with China, west Bengal floods and many more. Besides these main issues Indian media is busy in forwarding false allegations on Pakistan like that of Pigeon Spy and Terrorist locusts.

Summing Up

If a journalist writes a story, it’s his or her responsibility to check the facts and truth. One can’t be given open hand to play with words and spread rumors which can affect the lives of millions in a country like India. So the journalist must be ready to take the responsibility of their stories at all times. As there is a big contribution of both country’s media behind India Pakistan tension. But people know that hate media is the root cause of the evil, it needs to be stopped in the first place.

-Muzzamil khuwaja, Student of MBA at Paf-kiet.

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