Coronavirus Outbreak: How to learn online

Coronavirus is the disease that emerged in China in December 2019. Coronavirus symptoms include cough, fever, and shortness of breath. This virus can be severe, and in some cases can cause death. The new coronavirus can be spread from person to person and unfortunately, there is no coronavirus vaccine yet. Due to this virus, everything has been covered digitally. People are restricted to their homes. Students taking their classes online and employees working from homes. Due to this virus, most of the people are spending their time using laptops and mobiles at their homes. Rather than wasting time on games and watching movies, people can suitably use their time by learning online courses, related to their major fields.

Not only students but every person can learn new online courses by sitting at their homes and gain more work experience by learning new skills that will help them to a better future. Online learning websites helps anyone learn software, techniques, developments, and much more. You can also learn cooking, sewing, and even gardening while sitting at your home. As Lynda, TEDx and Udemy provide unlimited access to a vast subscription, engaging video tutorials, and a playlist of online courses that are being taught by great teachers who are also working as professionals. Due to the current situation peoples can take advantage of learning onlinecourses from UdemyCoursera and Lynda websites, which are cost-effective, flexible and easy to access. Many of these sites purpose discounts and free coupons, which you scratch and avail your discount. 

Students Online classes due to Coronavirus

One of the best advantages of online classes is flexibility. Students forget about attending classes for hours, sitting in an uncomfortable chair, and suffering from back pain by the end of the day. They will not be bound to physical class sessions when they opt for online education. All lectures and needed materials are provided via online platforms, so students can easily access them from the comfort of home. They will not have to take any transport thus saving money indirectly. Online education has also been beneficial for slow runners as they can moderate the rate of learning.


Many employees can spend their time in a useful way by learning online course, while if someone is related to management field, they can find and learn a course related to management if someone is related to marketing and want growth in his/her CV, then they can use their time in a specific manner by learning course related to marketing. Instead of sitting at their homes and wasting time on games and coping with the anxiety caused by this virus. Employees should learn to use their time in a specific manner by consuming their time on relevant stuff.

Tips to learn online

1)Make sure you have a good internet: Internet speed is very much important when you have a fast important because if one has a slow internet connection it would be difficult to access online courses.

2) Go through the contents: Coming on choosing the course, there are thousands of courses available at one niche. Try to see and compare the content every course is purposing and also compare the rates of the courses. Try to for the course which covers more topics and is cost-effective

3) identify your goals: Identification of goals is a very importnat step when you are learning online because there are laready thousnads of courses availabe online, you only have to select and start your course. Setting your goal will be important specially when you want to do multiple courses.

4) Ask for help: There are many courses on coursera and udemy which give you the benefit of asking FAQ’s realted to the course if you have such privilege then must use it.

5) Try to buy courses: There are a bundle of courses avalibale on the internet. some are free while many requires some amount. Coming on the fact there are many courses that can add value to your knowledge but they require some amount.

6) Try to look for coupons: There are thousands of courses which are available at a discount. The discount is widely avaliable in summer vacation. So try to take full advantage of it and look for some high yield courses which can add value to your knowledge.

7) Purposing a strategy: Building your strategy for a particular course is very important. Like how many hours the course is long and then building your time strategy to complete the whole course. You should purpose a study plan whenever you are willing to start a course, as it will help you in time management.

8) Participate in online discussions: Participating in online discussions is very much important for your intellectual growth. There are many platforms available where you can ask or share any knowledge regarding the course you are taking. This method is always fruitful and can gain great knowledge.

8) Applying your knowledge: After completing all the steps you should apply your knowledge. For instance, if you have taken an online course on web development, then you should try yo build your own site. Else the knowledge you gained will go all in vain.


Worldwide the situation is worse than ever due to Coronavirus, the economy has fallen, universities and schools have faced lockdown, peoples are restricted to their homes, more than 10 peoples gathering is not allowed in several countries. Many cities of different countries have completely locked down. Nobody knows; When and how the coronavirus outbreak will end? Avoiding contact and social gatherings as much as possible is the only solution.

People can spend their leisure time at home by reading books for their pleasure and education. If they read digitally, they can download reader app on mobile devices so that can help them to read whenever they want. Rather than going to a local store every day in this critical situation and purchasing newspapers, using the internet at home seems a nice alternative as it saves time and online reading websites help peoples related to their fieldwork.              

                                                                                                           -Muzzamil khawaja, Karachi

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