“How to be within the top 10 in Google Search Result “?

With over billions of searches made on the internet every month search engines have set up new horizons and records. However, With thousands of websites going online every sunrise the competition has also gained a huge pace. At present-day making to top 10 search results of Google (First page) literally requires some time and patience as one cannot just rank in minutes. There is no magic wand for it! On the other hand, Google is open to everyone and anyone can rank on top 10 in the google search results only if one shows patience and consistency.

Before jumping on how to be within the top 10 in google search result one must understand how the process of ranking actually works. Google and other search engines have developed a particular algorithm and rank websites on the basis of it. The algorithm gives chance to everyone to come on board and perform. The one that performs well is ranked. With that said let’s move on to our today’s topic of “How to be within top 10 in google search results?”

Technically speaking there are two ways to rank on Google:

  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEM is the marketing technique where the website owner uses paid advertisements to appear on top results of a search. However, SEO is the process of getting organic traffic without investing any penny on paid advertisements.

The method used by most newbies is the latter method as SEM also requires a firm knowledge of SEO. SEO helps us to understand the Google algorithm and what factors the algorithm depends on. According to SEO experts, there are more than 200+ factors on which google’s algorithm is based and the algorithm changes continuously so no one can crack it. However, we would discuss the most consistent prime factors which would help us to rank on Top 10 of Google search result. The precise strategy goes as follows:

1) Improve user experience

Before we dig into keyword research its important to audit user experience of the site. Google has always preferred sites that make the user experience better. Bad user experience can increase the bounce rate and thus affect the ranking in the worst way. User experience can be improved when the developer and content writer knows the searcher’s intent. Updating site to mobile-friendly, adding images and infographics and other factors can lead to fruitful user experience and thus increase ranking.

Follow the slogan Users happy! Google Happy!

2) Propose Keyword research

Keyword research is the most important key factor when you are targeting to appear in Top 10 results. The keyword basically describes the content of your page. Keyword research is important as you cannot rank on any keyword just because the topic attracts you. It really depends on the competition each keyword is having. For instance, It’s difficult to rank on keyword like “Digital marketing” then ranking on “Digital marketing agency in Calfornia”, as the competition drops in the latter case.

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3) Write engaging content

The post you write should be unique and engaging for the user keeping in mind that you are writing for your users, not for Google bots. The post should also meet the criteria and beats its competitors in every mean. After you have written an engaging and user-friendly content than its time to sprinkle your keyword in your blog, title, and alt tag to improve the on-page SEO.

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4) Make Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the important factors for building Off-page SEO. Backlinks are actually references quoted on webpages that link to other sites. The benefit of generating backlinks is that it increases the authority of the site in the eyes of Google. However, It’s best to generate backlinks from relevant blogs and most importantly relevant websites. Google doesn’t entertain a travel website linking back to the Tech website. Once you have finished with on-page SEO and off-page SEO its time to promote content on different social media platforms.

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5) Track your ranking

After you have applied all the techniques and have polished your work Its time to track your ranking, if the ranking is not increasing then you must find the issue and resolve it. However, the work doesn’t end even if you resolve, as It’s not only about ranking on Top 10 results it also about maintaining the position that you have achieved through the hard work. You have to continuously keep the track of the post and must update when required.

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From the above strategy, we came to know how much Google prefers user experience, keywords, and other important key factors that most people skip and just write random content and start waiting that it will rank someday. This article makes it clear that one should devise a strategy in order to rank on the first page of google. Without a proper strategy, blog content is just a combination of sentences, that might never rank no matter how good it is.

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