Holography-A Kind of Virtual Reality


As our modern world is all about the invention of new technologies and the invention of these technologies is all about facilitating humankind and other livings. So in this blog, we are going to update you about one of the game-changing technology known ‘Holography’.
Holography is a kind of technique to record 3-d effects produced by light fields or we can say these holograms are basically a representation of an original object or scene.

Let’s dig into the history behind this technology. Dannis Gabor, one of the Hungarian-British scientists, while working on an electron microscope gave the idea about holography and came to the point that holography can be used as a source to increase the performance of electron microscope and gave the concept of the Holograph or Hologram. For this theory, Dannis Gabor also rewarded with Nobel prize.

How holography works

As mentioned earlier it is the technique through which a 3d effect is recorded. It mechanism surrounds the application of light energy, Through this technique a light field is recorded and is saved for the later use as the original light field won’t be present later. Laser holography has also come in existence the difference comes, when we use the laser as a source.

If we follow the exact mechanism of how it works, it is first necessary to go through the phenomenon of interference and diffraction.

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Technology Charms

Now let’s discuss why this technology has got ground or you can say why this technology is useful or beneficial for us. First of all, it enables us to store huge amounts of Data inside crystals, and research says it will be the priority of users to store data as nowadays people prefer USBs or other storage materials. Many companies have got themselves in competition to develop such devices.

Where It Shows Its Beauty


I don’t know, have you ever watched concerts or fashion shows based on holography. One of the famous pop star Hatsune Miku of Japan is not the real person but a hologram projection that performs and entertains people. World became a stunt when they saw fashion shows where these holographic models showing different fashion models

In offices it can enable employees and supervisors to present themselves via this technology.

In engineering, this technology has enabled engineers to produce or design virtual 3-d projections of their products. Such as constructing a building or designing a car that is all eased by using this technology.

In France, one of the politicians Jean-Luc Melenchon attended many political gatherings while sitting at his home.

In this way, any professor or teacher can deliver his lecture while sitting anywhere in the world.

The whole world is trying to create such devices to teach and learn more effectively. The whole world is trying to create such devices to teach and learn more effectively. Many companies are printing holographic monograms on their products to assure an original quality. Security of Atm and cyber issues will bootup to many level and will increase reliability.

‘In last, I can say this technology can assure that people are together not in reality but in virtually’.

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