How much Google Adsense Pays in Pakistan

Google Adsense is a program that was initiated back in 2013. As the name itself suggests it’s a program that is developed by the giant Google itself. Adsense is pay per click based platform, which means Google will pay if any visitor clicks the ads that are running on a respective site. What’s in for Google? It has been reported that Google takes a commission of 32% from the companies and gives advertisers a share of 68%. Google Adsense is actually one of the most used platforms regarding monetization. It is widely used in Pakistan and other countries in Asia. One of the main reason for its wide use is that as Google has grown itself into a legitimate and authentic brand, and has always stood to the trust of people. Now, lets discuss How much Google Adsense pays in Pakistan?


How much Google Adsense pays in Pakistan?

Google Adsense is widely used by many bloggers in Pakistan. However, the Pay per click rate is quite low in Pakistan, owing to the fact that Pakistan is still a developing country. The pay per click varies on multiple factors with the audience and keyword being the most important factor. Let’s break both these factors

1-Audience: The audience are the visitors that come to your site, The Website can generate revenue when your visitor clicks the ads on your site. Unfortunately, the Pay per click is quite low in Pakistan. This means if your audience is from Pakistan, there are the least chances of getting higher revenues. On the other hand, if you are targeting international audiences of developed countries like that of the USA there is a huge probability of generating a higher revenue as the Pay per click is high in these countries.

2-Keywords: As we know the ads google Adsense runs on our site are not of Google itself. There are companies that hire Google to run their ads. As a matter of fact, these companies bid for a particular keyword, the more the bids the higher the PPC goes. Let’s understand this by an example, Digital Marketing is a very high rated keyword in comparison with digital marketing in Newyork, As the former targets the whole world while the latter target only one state of the US. The richer the keyword the more revenue.

Here are the stats shown by an official account of Google Adsense from Pakistan.

Google Adsense Pakistan
Adsense account

The pay per click shown from this account can be clearly seen. If we hover over to countries it can be seen that UAE and USA have a good PPC rate as only one click generated $ 0.4 which if we convert to today’s rate becomes 60+ Pakistani rupees which is actually a handsome amount in comparison with other PPC platforms.

Google Adsense Pakistan

If we hover over to the stats of Pakistan. The conversion rate is low. With 54 clicks the estimated earnings grossed to $4.12. Thus if we divide 4.12 by 54 we come to 0.07 which is an estimated PPC in Pakistan, This stands quite low against the PPC of USA and UAE. For instance, if we have got 54 clicks from the USA the stats would have inclined to $21.

Note: Don’t expect to have the same stats on your site as already mentioned the PPC depends on many factors. Like Keyword.

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How to increase Google Adsense earning

Following are some steps one can take to increase Google Adsense revenue:

Use multiple ad types

Using multiple ad types can make your google earnings fruitful. Using ad types like display ads, infeed ads, video ads can enhance your site look and also increase your conversion rate.

Ad placement

Ad placement is one of the most important factor in increasing google adsense revenue. Placing the ads in highly visible area of the site is worth a try. Keeping in mind that the placement should not ruin user experience.

Finding high CPC keywords

Along with using multiple ad types and ad placements, finding the right keywords are also important. With the high cpc keyword you can also climb the ranking, which eventually results in more traffic and more traffic results in more clicks.

Posting regularly

posting regular blogs on targeted keywords is a worthy strategy. The visitors to the website increase and so the chances of clicking the ads increases. Moreover, also make your visitor the permeant visitor by making them subscribe to your newsletter. Thus converting every single visitor to a permanent visitor.

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Google Adsense Payment date in Pakistan

The minimum threshold to withdraw payment from Google Adsense account is $100. Adsense has chosen the monthly cycle as a course of payment. Thus if your payment threshold exceeds the minimum threshold you can withdraw your earning. Keeping in mind that you would be issued a payment between 21st and 26th of the month. For instance, you see your finalized total earning of April on May 3rd. You’ll be issued your payment of April by May 21st.

Regarding the payment method, Google Adsense can pay by multiple options like, Electronic Funds Transfers (ETFs), Check, Western Union Quick Cash, Wire transfer, and Rapida.

Note: The exact time you receive your payment will depend on your timezone, whether the 21st falls on a weekend or holiday, and your chosen form of Payment.

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Summing up

Thus what we learned so far? We discussed How much Google Adsense pays in Pakistan, how to increase Google Adsense earning, payment dates, and methods one can use, and on what factors payment withdrawal depends. That’s it for today. If you have any questions regarding today’s content feel free to ask.

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