Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is described as the task performed by a program.Artificial intelligence is one of the revolutionized aspects of the modern world. Artificial intelligence assures machines to behave like humans or think like humans. Initially, AI was about to solve simple calculations, but after showing great impact researchers found they may be useful in doing complex tasks. Due to this reason, they are the prime focus for computer scientists.

Have you ever gone through science fiction movies like Robot in that movie it was shown these artificial intelligence machines may have emotion like humans, well if it is possible in reality than the future may not be in our hands but on the hands of these machines.

In future, it may be possible that these machines can think more than humans so if it occurs then what will be the future of humans

Types of artificial intelligence

There are two broad categories of artificial intelligence one is narrow artificial intelligence and the other is general artificial intelligence. Narrow AI is what we see all around us in computers today: intelligent systems that have been taught how to do a specific type of action. AI eases our daily work. General artificial intelligence is very different and is the type of adaptable intellect found in humans, they can do anything, from nail cutting to writing an article on Microsoft word.

Developments of AI

All the development which has been made in AI are very much due to focusing on the human thought process, how humans think. The application of neuroscience to IT system architecture has led us to the advancement in AI. New artificial neural networks are being established which has given a new face to AI. Computers with adequate power have been able to make the task a day to day reality.

Applications and uses of AI

Modern artificial intelligence techniques are increasing day by day.  However when a new technique reaches mainstream use it is then not known as AI, this phenomenon is called AI effect. There are many applications which we use in our daily lives, Like drones for photography, driver-less cars, medical diagnosis, and even search engines we use on a daily life basis. The applications are way too to mention here.


Trends that will be common in the future

Run business processes

In business initially, they were meant for simple calculations but in the coming time we will see  these robots doing tasks like designing, manufacturing, supervising and many more.

More Personalization

Many industries and other organizations are investing more in these technologies to gain a competitive advantage over others, so AI is their keen focus to come up with brand new services to facilitate their customers.

Worlds biggest brands plan respect to AI


Google is planning to facilitate its users in a more advanced way. Some include an image, voice recognition, and simulating a human being on a video game. On Gmail, we see instant reply or suggested replies all are outcomes of AI. After that, they are planning more to assure better tools for learning and other necessities.

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Microsoft also among those companies who are hiring AI into their working capacity to give more flexibility to users. The company says Open AI will help it jointly develop and train new AI technologies for its Azure cloud computing service. In the future, they are planning to develop supercomputers that can achieve AGL (Artificial General Learning). AGL is a more advanced feature of artificial intelligence that will focus on complex tasks.

Can be a revolution in medical

You may see in hospitals and clinics in the future that these robots may diagnose and treat diseases in hospitals or clinics, it all depends on the development of NLP (Natural Language Processor) or enabler of Medical Artificial Intelligence. This technology may give patients a voice such as those who cannot speak on such victims of stroke, traumatic brain injury. Ease in making testing reports. Few people have claimed or working to develop such kind of artificially intelligent machines to detect coronavirus.

AI can be Harsh

With thousands of benefits of this kind

Suggested of intelligent machines, there also lies some dark side of them. We know they can work faster than humans or think like humans but if they replace humans then where humans will lie in the future or we can say job opportunities also decrease. With positive usage, it may give new ideas of cyberattacks, bullying or new ways of hacking systems, crashing networks. Many countries are investing to build such automation machines in the form of heavy weapons.

Also, they may have emotions like humans as shown in movie robots, if they do so then we must have a technique to combat that situation that has shown in that movie.

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