How to earn money online in Pakistan 2020

With the growing need of money, millions of people have started to hover over to digital ways of earn money online in Pakistan. The best part of making money online is that you can enjoy the comfort of your home besides earning a hell lot of money. It can be obviously seen that people are making 8 figure income on a yearly basis, proving the speculation of how much the internet can bring money.

In 2020, where millions of consumers have turned to digital services the business owners have also turned their concentration to the internet. There are millions of searches made every day on the internet proving how mighty the internet has grown. With the growing interest in being online, many have also shown interest in earning online. We have seen many people who want to make money online but they are unable to do so either because they actually don’t know how to earn money online or they are bluffed by online scammers which take their money and never return them. In either case, you don’t have to worry because we have got your back. There are many ways to make online money in Pakistan but here we will discuss only authentic and legit way for earning some bucks. Let’s get started.

Today we will try to answer some most commonly asked questions on earning money online in Pakistan

-How to earn money online in Pakistan

-How to earn online money free at home

-Best way to earn online for students in Pakistan

Note: We don’t claim that these ways will surely earn you money, it mainly depends on how much your interest is.


Freelancing is a platform through which people provide online services to their clients and in return are paid by the clients for the services they provide. Freelancing is one most liked platforms for students. Nowadays there are millions of gigs and orders generated every day on freelancing platforms. Freelancing is one of the platforms through which millions of people are earning money. Indeed freelancing is a great platform to earn money online in Pakistan for students.

Pakistanis have also stepped into freelancing and there are freelancers who work with international clients and make lacs in a month. There are many freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, freelancers, and more. However, you need skills to attracts clients. Skills can range from anything like content writing, proofreading, web development, graphic designing, data entry, and even small powerpoint projects. Freelancing is itself a world to discover! If you are a student and are looking to earn money while sitting at home, freelancing is the platform for you.

2-Website development

Websites are one of the basic pillars of internet nowadays. It is estimated that there are thousands of websites that are made every day. However, the best part of a website is that you don’t have to work under any pressure as you are the boss yourself, thus you don’t have to work under any time limits or requirements.

You just need a domain and a hosting. Even if you don’t know any HTML or coding don’t worry, you can use WordPress for free to build your own website in just the matter of hours. The best part of a website is that it can be built very easily and the investment lies between 5k to 20k pkr/ year. It totally depends on which domain and hosting you are preferring. Once the website is done, write some unique content and work on your nitty-gritty details. After some time Apply for google Adsense, once approved your site can start making money. However, building a website may seem easy but it requires time and skills especially if you are a newbie. You can also make a free website by using free platforms like Blogger or WordPress, which is discussed in start blogging.

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3-Start Blogging

There are many platforms, that provide you free right to create a blogging site like Blogger or WordPress. One can create a blogging site, by providing some basic details. Choose your template and you are all set to go. Once a site is live, post regular content, and then apply for Google Adsense. Once your website gets the approval, you can earn some bucks in a month. However, if your site is optimized and ranked on google you can earn a handsome amount of money. There are many students in Pakistan who have started blogging and are making money along with their studies.

earn online in Pakistan

4-Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing through which the different platforms like Amazon provide a commission if one sells a product through their affiliate links. The commission usually varies between 2% to 15% of the product’s actual price. For Instance, if you are able to sell their product which worths 1000rs, you might get a commission of 20rs to 150rs per sell. Now the question arises on how to sell an affiliate product in Pakistan? Well, the answer is simple, One can sell products by sharing product links, like on your youtube channel, Whatsapp groups, Facebook groups etc.  However, the path which most prominent affiliate marketers chose is that by promoting affiliate links on their respective sites.  Regarding the platforms, there are many affiliate programs like that of Amazon, JVzoo, CJ, Clickbank that can give you a fine commission to keep your morale high.


Dropshipping is a business idea in which retailer(you) does not keep products to itself, instead it receives orders and contact wholesalers like Ali express to ship products to its customer. Well, you might be thinking where is the earning formula? Earning comes when the retailer picks a product from the wholesaler for a low price and sells it for a high price (depends on the retailer). So how to get started earning money online in Pakistan through dropshipping? Well first of all you need to create a Shopify store with an attractive domain name, then connect it with Oberlo (it helps to shift products from wholesalers directly to store), pick products that are trending, and start marketing through ads. If you are lucky enough you can sell bundles of products in USA whilst you are in your hometown.

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6-Start Youtube Channel

Youtube is one of the trusted and reliable platforms which won’t let you down in any case. A youtube channel is a favorite hub for both males and females as youtube provides opportunities to everyone, females can start their channels on makeup skills, cooking, Do it yourself and many more. One only needs a unique idea regarding the channel, as the youtube platform is already saturated with cooking, makeup, and DIY videos, a unique idea can bring quick success at your doorstep. Once a channel has gained popularity and has reached 4000hr watch time and 1000 subscribers you can start earning bucks. One can also apply for Google Adsense and if the channel is approved by Google Adsense one can run ads and earn online money in Pakistan free at home. One can also use affiliate links to start your affiliate marketing business.

7-Website flipping

Website flipping is a business idea in which a person builds his/her own site and then sells website in the market, through this he/she is able to earn a fine profit margin over it. Well, the prototype of working on this formula starts by purchasing an expired domain that already has some domain authority, google recognition, and articles posted on it previously. One can start this building a website over that domain and rewrite the same articles that were written before the domain expired. In this manner, it is easy to rank on google without any type of buzz. Once the website is established and is getting daily traffic then these flippers go on flipping markets like and sell these websites to interested buyers.

8-App development

App development is one of the fields which requires fine skills and money for investment. This is different from other online earning methods in Pakistan as it requires a firm knowledge of app development, it also requires a fine budget especially if one is developing an app for android and ios both. It also requires a marketing strategy that can help grow the app. However, there are many ways to increase your net profit like by Advertising on app, referral marketing, crowdfunding, or selling your app to an interested buyer, app development literally can open gates for revenue to flow.

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9-Video Shooting

Video shooting is one of the fields which draws back to ’90s but it still welcomes new talent to join in. However, there is still a lot of competition in this field. The stereotype of video making is that you require an expensive setup for the videography, however it is not true. There many videographers who shoot by their regular camera phone, although the people who have got expensive setup have the upper hand in this field. Now the question arises how we can earn money online? Well, one can sell his copyrighted work on websites like, on the other hand they can also start their youtube channel and start sharing their work, if the person is not a camera-shy he/she can start a vlogging channel, which is widely appreciated throughout Pakistan.

10-Video Games development

Building video games requires a pro-level in the field like app development video games looks for skill and time, however, you can hire someone to do so but of course it will cost you bucks, which we won’t suggest here as you are reading this blog, which means you are already short of bucks, but the truth is if you want something you have to give something.

Coming on the video game development one can start with free and easy software like Unity and GIMP etc. One can start practicing on these software and can then move to high rated 3D, paid gaming software. You can earn plenty of money from games by showing ads, selling your game in terms of CD or on apps, can charge for little upgrades, or can start a game studio of yours.

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11-Online Teaching

Online Teaching is one of the prestigious fields through which you can earn money online in Pakistan, whenever we hear a word teacher we might think of an aged person with expertise in some field, but it’s not quite the case in online teaching. There are many youngsters who are in their twenties and are teaching online. One can teach online by using platforms like Udemy, first, you have to enroll as a teacher and provide all the credentials if you are capable enough to teach, they will pick you. Then you can start teaching by uploading a course, whenever anyone enrolls in your course you get a major share from the money they pay.

A usual course ranges almost 1700pkr. There is a large variety of courses available on these platforms from dog training to artificial Intelligence, all you need is to pick a field of your expertise and start uploading your lectures.

12-Domain flipping

Domain flipping is a business idea where one buys a domain and sell it on domain marketplaces, keeping a profit margin on it. Domain flipping is actually a long run and one cannot expect a quick success as there is a lot of saturation in the field, but it is surely worth a try. The question arises how we can buy a domain and where to sell it? Well, one can buy either an expired domain on which goes by the regular price of 8$ or one can look for brandable names on GoDaddy or other domain registrars, if your luck persists you can find a healthy and profitable domain and can sell on a good profit margin.

Now comes the other part, where to sell a domain? You can sell your domain on marketplaces like GoDaddy auctions,,,, and many more. Some of these are paid whilst others can provide you a free listing. Coming on the truth domain flipping requires a separate article, which we might post in the near future.

Summing up

We have listed some legit and authentic ways to start earning money online, these ways can surely make you a millionaire, but as already mentioned its not always a quick success one has to work hard and remain patient until he/she starts making a six-figure per month. We hope you would have liked our article on “How to earn money online in Pakistan”, if you want to add some more legit ways we are more open for it, comment below your views, and any suggestion you have got for us.

-Written and researched by Mansoor Shaikh

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