Coronavirus:How to make disinfectant and sanitizer at home?

As the COVID-19 cases are increasing exponentially, the chances of getting COVID-19 are gearing up too. The basic precautions suggested are to self-quarantine and to wash hands as much as you can, it is where the use of disinfectant and sanitizers come into play. Sanitizers and disinfectants help you stay clean and sterile from the virus which has been wandering like a predator. Thus it is very necessary to discuss “How to make disinfectant and sanitizer at home”.

It’s the time where the whole world has hibernated for a time, the stock market is closed, industries are locked up, everything is going in vain but the only thing that has inflated are disinfectants and sanitizers. The prices of these products are sky high and even if you are capable of purchasing one, complete lockdown will repel you and even if you are able to step out of your walls there is a high probability of you attracting the virus. Killed! when you were procuring your shield. Thus today we will discuss on how to make disinfectant and sanitizer at home. The following are the methods you should use to make disinfectant and sanitizer at home.

Making disinfectant at home

Disinfectant is a chemical liquid that can kill microorganisms present on non-living substances. As many of you have known that this deadly virus can be transmitted through non-living substances as well so it’s our time to take precautions. We all have so much stuff in our homes that it is likely a chance to get transmitted through. So Today we will discuss the following method on  “How you can prepare your own disinfectant against corona?”

Note: The method mentioned below is taken from an authentic source i.e via CDC

 According to the CDC, you can make your own disinfectant at your home by just taking the following ingredients:

  •  An unexpired bleach
  •  Water


     This method of making disinfectant at home is reliable and very easy. So, let’s break into 1 line. Take 1 liter of water and add 4 teaspoons of bleach into it, stir it for 2 mints and Tada!! Your potion is ready for use. Spray it on the surfaces like your house-hold items and other which you consider might play part in transmission. Don’t forget to spray at least 2 times. If you are using any item widely, spray at as many times as you can.

Note: The method mentioned above is pretty easy. But keep in mind that the bleach you use should be unexpired. Moreover, the bleach should be away from any sort of contamination.

Making sanitizer at home

Disinfectant was quite easy right? But making sanitizer at home is not a piece of cake as the ingredients are not widely available. Ahan! don’t worry we have got your back! If the following ingredients are not at your reach jump to our tip…

In order to make hand sanitizer, you would need the following ingredients on your tabletop

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Scented essential oil


        Stir 2/3 cup of 91% rubbing alcohol and 1/3 cup of aloe vera gel together. Add 8-10 drops of scented essential oil and shake it well. Now pour the hand sanitizer into an empty container or any old empty sanitizer bottle. Make sure to use it whenever you are up to any activity. Like eating food, playing sports etc.

Note: If you don’t have rubbing alcohol you can go for ethanol, but the concentration and precautions before its use should be kept in mind.

Tip: However if you don’t have any ethanol or rubbing alcohol it’s better that you grab one antiseptic (containing chloroxylenol like Dettol) and add 10-15 drops of antiseptic in 0.25 liter of water. Pour the solution a bowl and dip your hands in the solution when necessary.

The methods mentioned above require clean environment whenever you are trying to apply these methods at your home. Moreover, the methods mentioned above are fully authentic and can be applied at home.

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Stay safe, stay home.

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