Coronavirus: Its time !

Since the outbreak of coronavirus in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan the count of cases is increasing exponentially. Its been a month when the first case of COVID-19 was suspected and till now the tally has grossed up to 1000+ suspects. If we compare our stats with Italy’s first month after the outbreak, surprisingly the stats are quite similar as Italy was at the same peak as we are now i.e 1000+ cases. Keeping in mind the healthcare facilities we have and the 3x population of that of Italy’s the virus can cause a wildfire in the whole country. 

With the incautious attitude shown by the people, the count of suspects is gearing up. What is the excuse for this incautiousness? Have we ever thought why the assistance of police and the army is required to isolate us for the betterment of our own health? Well! We all know the answer to this because we do not understand by verbal means because laton k bhoot baton se nahyn mante is a proved theory here.

We have grown as a nation who can break their quarantine just for sake of chai and paratha. We have grown as people who will perform congregational prayers in masajid but won’t learn from the closure of Holy Kabba itself. We are the people who will mock their government but will never accept the fact that how much our economy has suffered just because we didn’t take any safety measures against this outbreak. We are the people who won’t understand repercussions that can occur if one gets the virus, Dr. Osama the breadwinner of his family died of COVID-19 as a consequence of his night shift on Taftan border What a misery! We are the people who will deride our own government and doctors but will never understand that they are people with the highest risk of getting this incurable malady.

What if I tell you that people placed in Sukkur quarantine created chaos and came out of the quarantine center, for no reason. What if I tell you that in Peshawar people are running their errands with section 144 imposed. What if I tell you Lahore police stopped dozens of bikes with double sawari, roaming as nothing has happened. What If I tell you that multiple stores were raided because they were stashing bulk sanitizers, just for the sake of some bucks? What if I tell you this distasteful truth that people with symptoms are not going for corona test just because they are afraid of being hospitalized. 

 we won’t die from corona we will die from our own goofiness!

Well, Its time! Its time to get serious! Its time to understand the integrity of the issue and what it may lead to. Its time to realize the fact that we don’t have much resources to tackle this outbreak, its time to self isolate by every means possible, its time to realize that a 20kb tiny creature can kill a 100 kg man and we cannot do anything. It’s time to prepare against this antagonist whom we cannot see, cannot hear, cannot touch but still can win! 

Listen to your lungs before you listen to your heart.

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Note: In case of finding any corona suspect contact helpline for corona:

SINDH: 021-99206565, 99204452

FEDERAL: 051-1166

PUNJAB: 0800-99000

KP: 091-1700

BALOCHISTAN: 0081-9241133

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