CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah’s stance on coronavirus

The CM of Sindh Murad Ali Shah has been defending his rapport over the coronavirus outbreak as the number of cases is continuously on an upsurge since the outbreak in Sindh. Currently, there is no vaccine for this novel coronavirus. Although scientists in many countries are working day and night to develop one. Due to this, CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah has now imposed sweeping restrictions and some quarantine measures. On the other side, The Federal Government mishandled its communication strategy. The Federal Government’s first slip was to underestimate the threat. That was aired back in January when many countries called for severe measures against passengers arriving from China, IRAN. Our federal government showed an expressionless stance over this Pandemic.

Even after these obstacles, CM Shah came up as the first CM in history who take applaudable decisions against this virus. While PM, Imran Khan did not act preemptively despite evidence suggesting such delays could increase the number of cases.

CM Sindh giving speech on corona
Murad Ali Shah

Federal Government’s misstep

The Federal Government started with a targeted strategy: Certain areas with a lot of infections were designated as “red zones.” Within the red zones, there were progressive lockdowns depending on the severity of the outbreak in the area. The restrictions were only broadened to the whole country when these measures did not stop the virus’s spread.

In fact, these limited lockdowns might have made it worse, because the coronavirus transmits so silently. The “facts on the ground” (number of cases, deaths, etc.) didn’t actually capture the full scale of the problem. Once partial lockdowns went into effect, people fled to less restricted parts of the country — and they may have unwittingly taken the virus with them.

CM Sindh receives credits for his work

Because CM Sindh successfully managed the coronavirus threat in Sindh province from the start. Sindh Government did everything they can within its capacity to fight this virus.

Seeing a ton of things actually being thoroughly implemented left the citizens surprised and the internet is lauding the government for their tireless efforts. Starting with the biggest isolation facility in Sukkur! not only this but the Sindh government also announced sending ration to those under quarantine and drafted the coronavirus emergency relief ordinance for the needy.

Sukkur quarantine center for corona
Sukkur quarantine center –

Following are the strategies the CM sindh and his fellows took against coronavirus to control its transmission

extensive testing:

Testing is exclusive while on both symptomatic and asymptomatic.

Emphasis on home diagnosis and care:

Health care providers would actually go to the homes of people with suspected COVID-19 cases to collect samples so they could be tested. This might reduce exposure who visits a doctor or doctor office.

Monitoring of medical personnel and other vulnerable workers:

Doctors, nurses, healthcare providers at nursing homes, pharmacists, and even grocery store cashiers were monitored closely for possible infection and were given ample protective gear to limit exposure.

These all strategies were at hand yet it took weeks upon weeks for the Federal Government to adopt the same strategies that were already working in Sindh Province.

The blame game between Provincial and the federal govt:

Sindh government was constantly trying to somehow prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But on the other hand, various spokespersons of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) were constantly trying to distract the Sindh government.

The lessons needed to achieve a better outcome are already out there to learn from. The Federal Government should learn from mistakes and instead of politics. They should appreciate Sindh Government for their plausible efforts. It sounds unpalatable when foreign organizations like World Health Organization appreciate the stance of our Chief Minister and on the other hand. We don’t even admire his efforts he and his government are making in containing the global epidemic coronavirus.

Note: This blog of ours is unbiased and is based on the statistics and veracity. We don’t support any political party.       

                                                        -Muzzamil Khawaja, Student of MBA at Paf-Kiet

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  1. Sindh govt fully failed to enforce strict lock down and we have been observing mob and crowd in markets while traffic flow is self explainoty.

    Their focus is only on jumma prayers for muslims from 12 am to 3 PM where whole sindh goes paralyzed

    Singh govt is encashing COVID-19 in all means.

    Long live Sindh

    Down with sindh govt

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