Driver Less Cars – Innovation Of Automobiles

 As automation is increasing day by day and automobiles which are one of the most used aspects of our daily life, their safety features, comfort zone, and security issues are the most frequently asked questions about these automobiles. As the world is moving towards the peak of development then how can these automobiles remain behind from such modernization. So these driver-less cars or self-driven cars or robot-cars are the trademarks of the future’s modern automobiles. Automation cars affect jobs and the economy worldwide.

Self-driven cars are those cars in less integration of driver is required or sometimes no need of driver at all. These cars are automatically controlled by computers at the back end. Actually what happens that inside their control they are facilitated with ultrasonic sensors, what they do? They create a map of their surroundings and their radar traces nearby cars and pedestrians. Following this map and sensing surroundings, it carries out its task.

What They Bring New

Yeah, the car without a driver is anonymous for us but now dig into that, what other remarkable attributes are present in these cars. As research says more than a half road accidents happen due to harsh driving, driving a car at more than required speed. Or simply say with humans, so they are automatically controlled and it automatically accelerates or responds to the corresponding situation. In this regard safety has been remarkable. To assure better security these cars are connected with the online world which also flumes its personality. As far as now these cars are electric powered so they will be less pollutant for the atmosphere which is also a plus point for them. These cars are also more reliable and their efficiency will be far better than most of those traditional cars. Maintenance will also be more uncomplicated and cost less.
Girl using mobile, while car is automatically driven.

Fields of applications

companies like otto and Starsky robotics have shown interest in autonomous trucks. These trucks are important not only because of their safety features but also due to the ability of fuel-saving through platooning (driving a group of vehicles). Nowadays self-driving vans are used in online stores like Ocado. 

In China, Baidu (A multinational technology company) has produced automated minibus, it consists of 14 seats without any type of driving seat. With 100 vehicles produced in2018 China has been moving to a commercial automated state.

Big Corporates Engaged In These Automobiles

Sooner you will see cities full of these autonomous cars, where major industries will appoint these cars for their public services. Amazon one of the remarkable brand is trying to hire these autonomous cars for their delivery system. And with Toyota they are to build a car that has multitasking performances. Apple on the other hand in 2018 manifested a project known as Titan on two hands with VOLKSWAGEN to built such kind of vehicles for commercial use. Waymo one of the first project of Google to produce such cars is accomplished and sooner these cars will be available for personal use or public traffic. TESLA major producers of these vehicles have accomplished many projects such as Model X, Model Y, Model S are running commonly in the US and other countries to carry out public traveling and personal use. Other big names are also trying and focusing on this project and many are about to launch their variants an in the coming years it is estimated that they will compete with each other in the manufacturing of these kinds of vehicles.

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 How Jobs And Economy Affected

Automation cars affect jobs and the economy worldwide. Recently reported in the US that these cars can affect the economy up to trillions. Mainly these cars will be electro powered and less consumption of oil will occur. affects on employment varies from area to area. For instance, if you see I less developed areas if these vehicles replace traditional trucks or taxis then where will b their drivers in the future, their whole earning is based on driving, but on another hand developed countries will higher those employees who can operate these vehicles. While business tactics will be changed drastically, and individual flavor of traveling will change and research says in future may many do not own such personal cars and will prefer Mobility as Service.

Cons of Self-driving cars

With so many pros to such a development the cons are also worth mentioning here. Coming on the cons one of the demerits of the self-driving cars is that the cars can be hacked, As it may be clearly noticed that there are few possibilities of hacking a car when it is in the control of the driver. Moreover, the lives of the people are at stake of a computer, which obviously sounds crazy. Coming on the other demerit is that the weather can distract the sensors of the cars, like the parking sensor can stop working in snow which can lead to minor accidents.

According to a 2020 study, In the coming year, self-driving cars will increase its productivity and housing affordability as well as reclaim land used for its parking. However, self-driving cars will cause greater energy use, traffic congestion, and sprawl all over.


This technology no doubt has changed the infrastructure of automobiles and remains a point of appreciation but this technology showed some bad outputs. These challenges include behavior on different weather conditions, avoiding obstacles on-road. And the main issue that is, this car is traveling on the road suddenly there comes sign on board that this road is under construction and choose another way. Then how can this car can realize these kinds of signals? Industries are focusing to tackle down these challenges but facing various issues while setting up. Nearly they are about to accomplish these tasks and sooner these cars will be common traveling on roads.

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