Aftermath of being corona positive

We all know a lot about the novel Coronavirus. We understand how rapidly the number of cases is rising. We also are reminded constantly about the consequences of being a corona positive patient. In the fear-struck minds of those who recognize the gravity of this situation, there’s a tumultuous ocean of opinions that is fed through online news sources every single day.

COVID-19 as QAIDI-19

The fusion of beneficial preventative measures and mere gossip has created a stigma around patients suffering from COVID-19. The community and authorities have started holding potential and positive patients accountable for the disease they have contracted, as though they are to be blamed.
Of course, precautionary measures explained by health experts should be strictly followed.
disinfecting for coronavirus
Disinfecting the house of corona positive patient
However, once these patients start undergoing this mentally and physically upsetting situation, criminalizing them and behaving as though they are guilty of the inconvenience caused to everyone through an outbreak is under no circumstances justified. The moment the news sparks about an individual suffering or even suspected to, our virtually absorbed society pulls out their camera to record videos and spread data about the patient with very little consideration of the patient’s consent and invasion of privacy.

What if you are corona positive?

Imagine, you are suspected to be a potential casualty of COVID-19. As soon as the word is out, police officers lock your house down. You’re escorted to the hospital in a flamboyant manner. The neighbors watch this spectacle while you’re enveloped in a shroud of embarrassment as if you have committed an offense. In the name of precaution, suspects of this viral disease are publicly humiliated and are left feeling incompetent for the misdeed they never did. This entire scenario leaves their reputation vulnerable in the community they surround themselves with.
A corona suspect wearing mask
A corona suspect wearing a mask
Amongst this global madness, the last thing we need is to frighten people away from isolation wards. Everyone understands the importance of seeking help even when it’s difficult for them too. However, those around them need to learn how to be supportive and understanding, instead of making their situation worse. This exploit of our society has engraved such fear in our mind that even if someone is inkling about himself being as a suspect he prefers not to appreciate it with others.


In this time of social distancing, we must remember that humans are inherently interdependent. We are not created to be mentally distanced from one another. We need to approach the people who hold importance to us with empathy and support. Additionally, we should have at least a fragment of sympathy and compassion for those who are foreign to our lives. Finally and most importantly, we need to be kind and loving to ourselves. Only then will we grow through this pandemic as a healthier and stronger team.
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                                                                                              Writer: Saad Ishaque Shaikh
                                                                                              Editor: Aysha Siddika
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4 thoughts on “Aftermath of being corona positive”

  1. Thanks for writting,the corona virus is creating too much stress and affect our mental health thanks for writting on this topic,i am medical student and also write on this topic

  2. I agree Corona virus is like a night mare now. People think Corona suspects are like Zombies. They must die. I think, if i become Corona positive, i will eventually die because society will hate me so much. We need to improve our behaviours for Corona patients, we should give them love and motivation that way they will not loose their mental health. They will not feel they are pissed off and they will recover better.

    1. mansoorsalahuddin42

      Yes bro Yasir , can’t agree more !
      You should start writing as well, it seems like you have this potential .

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