Our vision

We cannot write by just buying a pen, writing comes with will and determination. The motto of Bilogger is to raise creative and innovative blogs. Creativity and innovation are getting sparse in our society, it is where Bilogger comes into play. We can help you by providing a free platform to your unique content and through this platform we can upraise your work to a wider scale.


What do we do?

Bilogger is an open platform where you can post a word and upraise your content to a wider scale. Bilogger in terms of age is still young, but the feedback it has gathered is immense and worth-mentioning.

Who we are?

The two admins of Bilogger are Mansoor Shaikh and Hitesh Kumar respectively. They both belong to Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan. With the cause of creativity in mind, they both started the website at the start of 2020.

Why Bilogger?

The main and important factor that most people observe is that the platform is open and free for everyone. Bilogger is in search of creative content writers who didn’t get the exposure just because they didn’t get a chance. The talent of youth is going to bin due to such cause, thus Bilogger has created an initiative to help eradicate it.

  • Bilogger popularity is increasing by and by, with a great following on social media platform you can upraise your work to others.
  • When it comes to the content Bilogger has always supported genuine and unique content. We don’t post any gambling, blasphemy, or any other explicit content. The content is reader-friendly and is unbiased.
  • Open for all, our platform is open for all, even if you don’t belong to Pakistan you can share your content and upraise your work, this can help you by updating your resume as you can write it as your previous experience.

For Guest Posting check our guidelines. However, keeping in mind the fact that we accept content that is related to our categories.