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What is 2checkout?

2checkout is an electronic payment service(merchant account alternative) which was founded back in 2006. The goal of 2checkout is to enhance the cashflow between the merchant and its customers. It provides merchant the privilege to accept online credit card payments in the home country and abroad too. It is similar to Paypal and Stripe. 2checkout Pakistan has helped many merchant by providing electronic payment service.

How does 2checkout work in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, there are many ways to receive a transaction, either by cheque, JazzCash, or everyone’s favorite easy paisa. But when it comes to a credit card there needs to be a permanent gateway through which you can run your cashflow in other countries as well. 2checkout gives you the platform for receiving overseas money because 2checkout works in 180 countries it is very much easy to welcome any transaction while you are sitting in your hometown. 2checkout receives the payment and forward it to your Payoneer account, where it takes some percentage % as its commissions. Payoneer resolves cash flow issues, it gives one Payoneer card which comes around 25 days by registered mail.

Coming on the commissions the commission varies from package to package.

2checkout commission rate

The commission can vary from 3.5 to 6.0. It is important to note that the commission would be taken on every purchase the customer did on your 2checkout woocomerce store. It is important to mention that  2checkout also takes reserve amount to itself for chargeback conditions, which 2checkout returns after 90 days.

Requirements for merchant account of 2checkout in Pakistan


1- The company which you are signing up for the 2checkout merchant account in Pakistan should be registered, if the company is registered to proprietor then NTN number should be at reach.

2- If you are having a partnership then a NTN number and a partnership deed is must.

3- 2checkout also have the strict rules for the address section, the address should match with the NTN address and the address on the utility bills. In case of office the address should be same as in NTN,

4- The bank account should be having the same address as the address mentioned in NTN.

Note: If you are not having a NTN number then it’s a must to be a filer at least, if you are a filer then your CNIC is your TN number.

2checkout dropshipping

2checkout is one of the most used third party payment gateways in dropshipping stores. Whilst integrating 2checkout it should be noted that the domain is purchased by the same person who is integrating its dropshipping account with 2checkout in Pakistan. For integrating  Shopify with 2checkout go to shopify->log in->go to settings->payment providers->change payment provider->choose third party payment provider and select 2checkout. Enter the merchant code and secret word which are mentioned in your 2checkout account.

Note: Before going for any product selling do visit prohibited product list.


Complications of 2checkout

1- 2checkout can ask for 6-month sale history, which many business holders are not comfortable sharing at.

2- Withdrawal Threshold is high which is 300$.

3- The commission which 2checkout takes is bit high in comparison with its competitors. It also takes some withdrawal charges which should be kept in mind

4- There is a prohibited product list (ppl) that are prohibited to transact for. Thus, digital services are also restricted.

Positive aspects

1- It gives you the privilege of money withdrawal every week. Which is an exceptional offer.

2- It is the only prominent merchant account that is legal in Pakistan. Thus there are very rare chances of your account being banned.

3- It is a trusted network and works in more than 180 countries which welcomes new horizons and exposure to your business.

2checkout Alternatives in Pakistan

There are many 2checkout alternatives in Pakistan. But the trusted ones are Skrill, Paypal and stripe. However, there are also many complications whilst using these as Pakistan does not support wide variety of payment gateways.



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