1-5 meme and the trending facebook group

In this painstaking lockdown, the only thing that has brought a smile to humans is social media.  With everyone starting their own pages to earn some popularity, only a few pages and groups win the race. Indeed humans have opened their arms for new innovative and creative ideas that are praised by everyone. Our today’s hot potato is a group coined Devil in the form of W**re. This group has certainly gained a huge fan following in no time, It has already crossed 1 lac and 50k members in the span of 5 days. Which is quite an accompaniment!

The purpose of this group is to provide a platform for everyone so that they can upraise the voice of broken hearts? Didn’t understand? OK, let’s make it simple! People come here and post the dark side of their relationship and why their relationship ended in a breakup.

What’s so best about this group?

  • The admins of this group don’t discriminate on gender which means everyone can share their side of the story even if you are a girl
  • The group doesn’t push for hard requirements so much so that they also give you privilege by accepting the request from fake id’s (In case you don’t want to reveal your identity)
  • The stories posted in this group are attached with shreds of evidence in the forms of screenshots,  call records or recordings, which means you can have faith in narratives owing to the fact that they are not concocting but real stories.
  • As the audience is non-judgy (thanks to the admins), you can speak your heart out with any fear of judging.

1-5 meme explained

The meme which has gained quite a popularity is the post from the same group. It’s a story which was posted by a fake ID coined Hema Malini (With reference to the Bollywood actress) Let’s break the story for you in simple words!

A boy met a girl in 2013 who belonged to an affluent family, they started chatting on Facebook and soon fell in love. It was the start of 2014 when they exchanged their feelings and accepted each other. The boy used to spend a lot of money on her girlfriend so much so that he used to ask for favors as he ran out of bucks. The janu-shona things went for a long time and one day suddenly the girl stared crying owing to the reason that she couldn’t do well in her economics paper and that her fate can lead to an “F” in her marksheet. The boy felt for him and thus managed to steal 40k from his home, through which he made her pass in an economics paper. 8-10days after this incident she ended the whole relationship by saying that her engagement was fixed in childhood and they can’t carry on. The boy did everything to overturn her decision but she listened to none.

The boy gathered his feelings and moved on until one day the girl called again, asking him for the same favor which he did for her i.e the 40k thing. The boy agreed again but this time he said her to write nothing in all 5 papers and he can still make her pass with flying colors. The girl did the same as boy asked her to and wrote nothing in all 5. The result came and the girl was shocked to see that she failed in all papers, realizing the fact that the boy bluffed her! Irony? No? Thus the boy took his vengeance leading the scoreboard by 5-1.

Note: the story is summarized by our writer and doesn’t contain the exact words

Here’s the link to the group hop on and feel the zest!


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